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House concerts, listening rooms, great artists, and the sweetest fans in the world.

There is a critical need for new opportunities, and more connections.

ConcertsInYourHome began in 2006 as the first global house concert website. Out of thousands of scattered events, artists, and house concerts, we created a community. Since then we’ve provided advice, resources, and connections to thousands of of artists, hosts, and music fans. As a result, performers have more places to play and thrive.

House concerts are private events that often take place in cozy living rooms. They can be amazing and enriching experiences, and we want you to discover them. However, we also believe that public listening rooms are vital to our communities. Listening rooms can be music clubs, galleries, and other unique spaces.

So we’ve combined the opportunities of house concerts and listening rooms in one helpful and fun website. Join us at Listening Room Network to connect with actual experiences near you!

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